The Gamer EDU’s mission is to provide a safe gaming space for students with their overall health and academic success in mind. Our organization provides gamers with the resources needed to address the social determinants of health (i.e. education, economic stability, environment, health and health care access & social and community) specifically for our student, families, and communities. We advocate for our student gamers and give students a platform to campaign for themselves and each other for the furtherance of our communities. We further provide our gamers with the resources needed to succeed in both a gamers platform and academia. We established in Summer 2020 with the purpose of bringing competitive/motivating, engaging tournaments, evidence-based health information, resources, and education to students in a fun virtual environment!

If you are interested in becoming an EDU Gamer, contact us at ! We would love to bring a tournament to your school district or bring your team into one of our upcoming tournaments!

About Public Health Affiliation

We understand that real life struggles happen, we are here for our gaming community that is looking to gain emotional support and resources. We promote the emotional health and wellbeing in order to improve our health to get to what we love to do. We exist to reduce health inequalities and we are able to provide resources from our CDPH who gives world-class science, knowledge and intelligence, advocacy, partnerships and the delivery of specialist public health services.