This is the official ruleset for The Gamers EDU Collegiate Valorant League (CVL), Weekly Collegiate Showcase (WCS), and Team iQ Think Tank Showdown (TTS). 




4. You and your team are responsible for providing evidence of your win in the form of VOD, screenshot, or match history.


1. Custom Lobbies

a. Top Seed will create the custom lobby and will invite the opposite team captain via Riot ID using the Battlefy match dashboard to communicate with the team you are playing. Team Captains will then invite their respective players to the lobby after making map picks and bans on Battlefy.

b. Top Seed will be responsible with choosing the most fair server for both teams, prioritizing the lowest ping differential. If players cannot decide this, a tournament admin will make the decision for the server.

c. Lobby Settings:






2. Exploits

a. VALORANT has some bugs, exploits and glitches, most of which are being fixed routinely. Most of these exploits pertain to certain agents and abilities and while all agents will be available, KNOWN exploits and glitches will be listed and banned in our Discord so as to inform you of what is and isn’t allowed. As a rule of thumb, any ability that is invisible, invulnerable, silent (when it should make an audio queue) or glitched out/into the map are considered exploits even if they are not currently on the list.

b. If there is evidence of a player abusing an exploit there will be a warning and possible disqualification depending on the severity. If that same team abuses another exploit after receiving a warning, they will be immediately disqualified.

C. Both Advantage glitch/exploits and disadvantage glitch/exploits are not allowed and will be dealt with immediately. If the glitch is something that happens and is not in a players control i.e. “Cypher cam glitch” then it will be a technical timeout to fix the situation. If it is something not on the list that you feel is an exploit, bring it up with a tournament official with VOD proof and the TO will make a ruling on the said exploit.

3. Timeouts and Disconnects

a. Technical Timeouts will only be used for Disconnects and/or serious technical issues with a player. If a technical timeout is used, one representative from each team must immediately join the “support” Discord voice channel of the respective tournament or league and let the admins know of the issue. 

b. Timeout 1 (tactical): 30 seconds per map (timeout must be used during buy phase before 10 second mark)

c. Technical Timeout 1: up to 10 Minutes (timer must be paused by Observer)

d. Technical Timeout 2: up to 5 Minutes (timer must be paused by Observer)

e. If a team has used their available timeouts they will not be allowed another and may have to play out the rest of the match 4v5 depending on the ruling of the admin and the issue that is persisting.


ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN THE GAMERS EDU PLAYER FORM TO COMPETE IN THEGAMERSEDU TOURNAMENTS OR LEAGUES. Any player that does not sign this form by 2/23/21 @ 12:00am PST, will not be eligible to compete in thegamersEDU CVL. Forms will be sent after teams register, they will also be posted on the website, discord, and can be requested by an admin of the discord server.

1. Substitutes and Roster Changes

a. Each team is allowed two substitutes. You may only swap players between maps, not during a match unless otherwise agreed upon by the tournament admin.

b. You may not make any roster changes the day of the event. All roster changes must be submitted by midnight (PST) the day before the match of that week is played.

c. Only 2 players may be swapped out of the original playing roster, three original members must remain. 

d. Players cannot be on 2 rosters at once for any college team. Emergency substitutions are allowed upon permission from the TO as long as those players are not already on a roster for another team in the tournament.


Below are the rules for streaming and broadcast. All streaming and co-streaming requires approval from thegamersEDU.

1. Broadcast

a. During a timeout on live broadcast the production team must switch scenes. This is to keep competitive integrity for the sake of stream sniping and teams seeking

information by using our broadcast to their advantage during a timeout.

b. Valorant tournament organizers must toggle off the “show blood” and “show bodies” setting, per Riot guidelines. This includes small, community tournaments of less than $10k prize pool.

2. Streaming

a. Players are able to stream their POV as long as they have a minimum 2 minute delay   (Recommend 3 minute) 

b. We recommend that live streams have a delay on them. This will not be enforced but we will not be regulating “Stream Sniping” as you have free will to implement a delay.

3. Content and Language

a. Usernames that contain explicit language or suggestive context are not allowed within the league. All usernames that violate this rule must be changed to an appropriate placeholder for the duration of the league.


1. Seeding

Seeding for thegamersEDU Valorant League’s and tournaments will be done by the system below. After the first round of the bracket there will be seed stealing which means that if you beat a team with a higher seed than you, you retain their seed throughout the tournament until you lose to another team with a different seed.

Ex: Team a “1 seed” losses to Team b “7 seed”, Team b takes “1 seed” and Team a takes “7 seed”                


The below system will be used for Map Bans / Vetoes and Side Selection

Map Pool: Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, Icebox

Regular Season (Maps predetermined)

Week 1 Map – Haven

Week 2 Map – Bind

Week 3 Map – Ascent

Week 4 Map – Split

Week 5 Map – Icebox

Week 6 Map – Split

Week 7 Map – Ascent

Week 8 Map – Bind

Week 9 Map – Haven 

  •  Best of Three (IF TOP SEED BANS FIRST) 
  • Top Seed – Ban 1 map
  • Low Seed – Ban 1 map
  • Low Seed – Picks Map 1
  • Top Seed – Map 1 side selection
  • Top Seed – Picks Map
  • Low Seed – Map 2 side selection
  • Remaining Map is played for Map 3
  • Top Seed – Map 3 side selection
  • Best of Three (IF TOP SEED PICKS MAP FIRST) 
  • Low Seed – Ban 1 map
  • Top Seed – Ban 1 map
  • Top Seed – Picks Map 1
  • Low Seed – Map 1 side selection
  • Low Seed – Picks Map
  • Top Seed – Map 2 side selection
  • Remaining Map is played for Map 3
  • Low Seed – Map 3 side selection

VII. Battlefy and Discord

  • Battlefy
  • Teams must register on Battlefy with a minimum 5 player roster. Teams may add up to five substitute players.
  • Battlefy will be used for bracketing, match assignment, team communication, vetoes, coin flips and disputes. The dispute feature will be used to ping admins.
  • Discord
  • – Each team member will be required to join the thegamersEDU discord for the CVL and the team captains will participate in a captains meeting for a quick breakdown of the event regarding schedule and broadcast on the opening day of the league for each conference. 
  • – For CVL and WCS each team member must be in the discord and using the proper voice channel, this is so we can make sure there aren’t extra players in the VC and to keep everything as fair as possible
  • – For WCS the team captain must join the teamiQ discord and get the “think tank role”

Captains meeting Information

  • Immortal Conference meeting: 2/25/21 @1:00pm pst
  • Radiant Conference meeting: 2/23/21 @1:00pm pst
  • Diamond Conference meeting: 2/26/21 @1:00pm pst 

Text channels will be set up for secondary communications. The main form of communication with admins should be in the support text channel or via a DM to admin “iQ baeV#2763”

*These rules are subject to modification at any time. Administrators reserve the right to make executive decisions regarding a situation to keep the integrity of the tournament.